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Sell ​​Irrigation Sprinkler

PT. Putra Andalan Jaya is a distributor / supplier that sells cheap agricultural sprinkler / irrigation sprinkler with the most complete choices. Irrigation sprinkler whose function is to provide water for plants and grass. Usually this sprinkler is used on farms, golf courses, home gardens, recreational parks or sports fields. We sell cheap price irrigation sprinklers such as pop up spray head sprinklers, rotors with rain curtain technology, rotary nozzle, impact sprinklers that can be used in the yard, environment park, golf course, etc. In addition, selling rain guns, rotating sprinklers, moveable irrigators are used on commercial land and agricultural land such as sugar cane fields, potatoes and corn.

Sell ​​automatic irrigation sprinklers which are an important part of gardening, which provides many benefits because it saves time, watering more efficiently, being more targeted and more evenly based on the needs of each plant.
*) Time efficiency
Automatic irrigation sprinkler will do watering tasks for your needs. With a regular watering schedule will produce plants that are healthier, greener and also grasses that are more evenly grown.
*) Save water
Because the automatic system uses less water than watering manually.
*) Savings
Because the cost of water distribution is more efficient and plants will live more beautiful and longer.

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